A word to my patients

A Word to my patients from Dr. Adi Moran

If you are reading this you either know or think that you need a root canal treatment. We are here to make sure you have a top quality, specialist led treatment that is as pain free and comfortable as possible.

On a personal level, I am committed to making your entire journey with SimplyRoots one of ease and satisfaction. My basic philosophy towards my patients is to treat each one as if they were a member of my family or a personal friend. It helps me keep true and connected to my work as a treating professional. Being able to help a fellow human being feel better and heal, is nothing but holy and a source of great fulfillment in my work.


When you choose SimplyRoots you choose to have your root canal treated by a root canal specialist, an Endodontist. I firmly believe in the great advantage my patients receive when undergoing a root canal treatment by an Endodontist.

That holds true when your case involves a “simple anatomy” tooth, but even more so, in more complex cases.

There is a reason training to become a root canal specialist takes several years of intense full time study on top of a general dentist’s training.

Medicine and Dentistry have come a long way and these days they are not only highly specialized but also require Endodontists to stay at the cutting edge of the latest knowledge in their field of expertise, and latest knowledge is ever advancing at a great pace.

It is proven by evidence-based literature that root canal treatments performed by an Endodontist have higher success rates when compared to when performed by a general dental practitioner.

I firmly believe that with todays advanced knowledge in the field of Endodontics, patients benefit from having their root canal treatments performed by Endodontists. This way we can give them the most optimal attainable long term success rate achievable, to save their own teeth, prior to having permanent fillings and crowns by the patient’s own dentist.


At SimplyRoots we pride ourselves on our personal approach. We see each patient as a unique individual and make sure to tailor the treatment and surroundings to make our patients’ experience in the dental chair a positive one.

I am committed to creating a positive root canal treatment experience for you.

I find that I can best tailor an individual approach to treatment during a consultation session. It’s there that I get to learn about your personal dental concerns, level and quality of pain, level of anxiety, past dental experience and your expectations from treatment.

Correct dental differential diagnosis is done and explained in simple language and treatment options are discussed. Also during this consultation session it is my turn to act as your “dental psychologist” and learn how to best work with you personally, as to achieve the goal of you having a positive experience during treatment.

As part of this personal approach I also give my own private mobile phone number and advise my patients to call me 24/7 (day/night/weekends), if they have any concerns following the treatment.  I find that my patients are respectful of my after work personal time and only text or call after hours if truly needed. When needed, I want to be the one to advise them, directly, and alleviate any fears or give further instructions.


My mission is to prove that a root canal treatment is not as scary as you might have heard.

There are many misconceptions and myths out there about root canal treatments. The simple fact is that with todays academic knowledge, experience and using advanced technology, achieving a totally pain free root canal treatment is very easy to do!

I cannot be more honest when stating this. Some root canal treatments may be experienced by the patient more easily than a routine filling.

Achieving this is not at all a challenge for me but, the challenge I am regularly faced with is changing the misconception about this fact, as many patients arrive at my door pre-conditioned with dental fear and anxiety either by previous personal bad dental experiences or by the horror stories heard by friends and family.

While this misconception about root canal treatments may take the dental community decades to fix, my personal mission is to prove it wrong to each of my patients.

It’s OK that that patients don’t come in the door all happy and relaxed for their root canal treatment, and I fully understand that just by reading this or being told about this by my great colleagues won’t make root canal treatments seem enjoyable. No words will be able to completely do the job and you will only be able to believe in this fact, after having gone through the experience itself – a root canal treatment done by a specialist.


Finally, it is important for you to know that to date, there is no dental procedure with 100% success rate. We are treating infections and a whole set of challenging conditions. However, when indicated to do and performed under high quality of care, root canal treatments have a high success rates and when they are required, are the only means of saving your tooth.


To your health,


Dr. Adi Moran