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SimplyRoots is a specialist endodontic practice, led by Dr. Adi Moran. We deal with all types of dental root canal treatments and are committed to providing a top quality, pain free patient care.


SimplyRoots is a specialist endodontic practice led by Dr. Adi Moran.

We deal with all types of dental root canal treatments and are committed to providing a top quality, pain free, patient care.

Dr. Adi Moran, a specialist in endodontic treatments created the SimplyRoots concept to help provide top quality specialist led root canal treatments to patients around London and its surrounding areas.

Through SimplyRoots, Dr. Moran is exclusively affiliated with a hand-picked number of top quality, geographically dispersed surgeries, each truly a leader and innovator in the field of dental care.

Dr. Adi Moran sees patients in the West End (W1), at Harley Street Dental Studio, in Richmond, at EndoCare, in Liverpool St, at Devonshire Street Dental Studio and in Northwood Middlesex, at Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre.

In each of these practices Dr. Moran consults and treats patients himself, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise, while being assisted by a highly professional and friendly support team. We pride ourselves on providing high quality Endodontic treatment care to our patients.

When you choose to have your root canal treatment done through SimplyRoots at one of our affiliated premises we will endeavour to make your experience as convenient, hassle and pain free as possible.



Quality specialist led treatments

Rest assured to receive proper differential diagnosis, get the best advice accordingly and undergo the highest quality treatment on your teeth. All treatments are done by Dr. Moran, who brings years of experience in study, training and work and stays up to date on the latest in endodontic knowledge.

Personal & attentive

Each of the practices we work with designates patients with a personal ‘treatment coordinator’. Your treatment coordinator is there to personally support you during your time with us, from the first call you make, to pre-treatment information and relevant instructions, through to after treatment completion, including any post-treatment reviews.

Quick and efficient

All nurses are professionally trained to work with the latest advanced specialist equipment, available on all sites. All are well trained in a “4 handed dentistry” approach which improves the treatment efficiency, and results in shorter chair time for patients.

Technology and equipment

From dental operating microscopes, 3D CT scans, through different types of ultrasonic files, to next generation ultra-flexible canal preparation instruments, all our affiliated practices use the latest most advanced technology.

Thorough and accessible

All patients go through a pre-treatment consultation. We want you to understand your dental situation, have your questions answered and to make sure you are well informed about your treatment options. Using clear simple language, we will explain your tooth’s diagnosis and the implications to your health. We will go through the available treatment options and recommend the most appropriate one. You will get a clear picture about what to expect during and after treatment and understand your long-term prognosis.

Anxious? No need

We are here to help make your treatment as pain free as possible. We understand that every patient is different and your past experiences, pain threshold and expectations may influence your level of treatment anxiety. We learn about your situation during your pre-treatment consultation and tailor an optimal treatment environment to alleviate your fears.

Collaborating with your dentist

We will always contact your dentist post treatment, provide a full report and share our recommendations. Sometimes we will contact your dentist prior to treatment in order to obtain information about past treatments and gain access to older radiographs or any other information which can help your diagnosis and treatment.

Post treatment support

Our responsibility doesn’t end once you leave the treatment chair. We will always contact you a day after your treatment to check how you feel and if anything is amiss. Dr. Adi Moran provides all his patients with his personal mobile phone number and advises them to contact him 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Dr. Adi Moran


Specialist Endodontist

GDC: 160229

Dr. Adi Moran is a registered, board certified specialist in Endodontics (root canal treatments), with over 11 years of experience.

With more than 10,000 hours of root canal treatments under his belt, he has saved thousands of teeth.

In addition to treating patients through SimplyRoots clinical practices affiliations, he teaches undergraduate dental students and postgraduate dental practitioners, giving lectures both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Moran’s patient care philosophy is to treat each patient as if he was treating his own family member.

He firmly believes in keeping up to date with the latest evidence based science in the field of endodontics and in taking advantage of the latest and best high-end advanced root canal technology available, during each treatment.


Dr. Adi Moran’s clinical practice is dedicated to Endodontics.

He has specialized in the field of endodontics, graduating from the prestigious 3 years full time, specialist training program in the internationally renowned Hadassah School of Dental Medicine.




  • Referral

    If you have been referred to a specialist endodontist for a root canal treatment, your dentist will most likely contact us directly to arrange your referral, or you might need to send the letter of referral directly to us (ask your dentist how to proceed).

  • Consultation

    All our treatments start with an initial consultation where we explore and explain your dental situation and any needed treatment, and you give your consent to having the treatment done.

  • treatment

    We make it a point to use all our available knowledge and any advanced anaesthetics and techniques, to help you achieve a positive treatment experience.

  • After treatment

    Once your treatment is over, you will receive a set of post-treatment instructions. In some cases you may receive non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or alternative type of medication, as needed. Most cases do not require you to take antibiotics. You will only get these when truly indicated.

  • Review

    To make sure every case is taken care of, all the way through to a full recovery, we may schedule a follow up review appointment. Most reviews occur 12 months post treatment, but the specific time frame may vary depending on your unique case.

    Reviews are taken to follow up on your healing process. They are free of charge.


Endodontic treatments, the professional term for the various types of root canal related treatments, are focused at one of two things:

  1. Preserving the existing health of your tooth and thus preserving the existing health of the adjacent soft tissues and bone, which support the tooth in place (treatment for preventing future complications in the jaw).


  1. Healing the tooth’s supporting soft tissues and surrounding bone, if these are already inflamed as a result of infection attacking your tooth’s root canal system.


If you are in pain and need a root canal treatment, the aim is to get you out of pain, not to cause you pain.


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