Is it safe to get a root canal treatment during pregnancy?

11 May Is it safe to get a root canal treatment during pregnancy?


Occasionally I am informed by a patient that her dental status has deteriorated during pregnancy. “What prompted you to wait with treatment?” I then ask.

The most common response is that the patient has often been given advice to wait and have the treatment done after the pregnancy. 


So, should you wait to have a root canal treatment until after your pregnancy?

Unless specifically advised otherwise, we usually don’t wait with a root canal treatment, especially if it is an emergency treatment, like when you are suffering from pain.


The most sensitive period in the pregnancy is during the first trimester, when your embryos’ organs are developing. After this, the late pregnancy stage, when it is not comfortable for you to sit in the dental chair is often considered a less ideal period for treatment.


However, emergency root canal treatments, including those involving the taking of specific diagnostic radiographs, can be carried out at any stage.


As a result, If you are not suffering from an emergency, then the best time to treat your root canal problem is during the second trimester. If you are in the third trimester and it’s not an emergency, it’s often better to wait until after you have given birth.

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