The process

Need a root canal treatment? Here is what you can expect

At SimplyRoots we want you to feel comfortable, assured and at ease. That’s why we simplified our entire process from referral, booking, through to your root canal treatment and any post treatment follow up, to be as easy and supportive as possible.

Referral from your dentist

If you have been referred to a specialist endodontist for a root canal treatment, your dentist will most likely contact us directly to arrange your referral, or you might need to send the letter of referral directly to us (ask your dentist how to proceed).

Many of our patients reach us after being told they need a root canal treatment. They realize the importance of having such treatments done by a specialist and after some research, ask to be referred to have the treatment done by Dr. Adi Moran.You can easily ask to be referred to SimplyRoots by printing our referral form and bringing it to your dentist to fill and then sending it to us (click here to download the form). We will contact you on the day we receive your referral form to promptly schedule your appointment.

Self-Referral: Can I book a root canal treatment with Dr. Adi Moran directly?

Yes, we do accept direct bookings. If you were told you need a root canal treatment or think you might need a root canal treatment, please call us and we will schedule a consultation ASAP. After your consultation or treatment, we will ask you to provide us with your own dentist’s details, and will always refer you back to them with a full report about any work that has been done. What happens next? From your first call, you will be taken care of by a professional ‘treatment coordinator’ who will support you during your time with us, from first contact, through your consultation/treatment completion and any future dental reviews, if needed. If this is not your first contact with us, our professional reception staff will have your relevant and up to date notes as well as any other instructions in your file. They will route you to your own treatment coordinator who will be personally familiar with your specific case. Our coordinator is there to give you general information as well as discus any relevant forms that need to be filled, prior to consultation/treatment. They may also be present during your initial consultation or after it, and will manage any relevant post-consultation administrative procedures for you, when required. They are also there for you, post treatment, to provide any needed information and will be in touch with you the following day for a phone call follow-up.It is not uncommon though for Dr. Adi Moran to call you personally the following day for an update on your well-being, after the treatment.


All our treatments start with an initial consultation where we explore and explain your dental situation and any needed treatment, and you give your consent to having the treatment done. Depending on your case, you might need a comprehensive consultation or a regular consultation. Comprehensive consultations are usually scheduled separately from treatment and tend to be longer. Regular consultations are usually carried out prior to treatment, on the same day. Either way, we will start by formulating your case diagnosis or differential diagnosis. Dr. Adi Moran will firstly hear everything you can share about your dental plight and may ask a series of questions afterwards. Afterwards, an examination will be carried out and relevant radiographs may be taken. For some, we might need to refer you further, for example, to have a 3D CT scan of your tooth. Taking into account your medical questionnaire and any relevant dental history, Dr. Adi Moran will establish a differential diagnosis. Rest assured, you will receive a relevant explanation in simple language about the diagnosis, what it means, what are your treatment options and the established ‘success rate’ for each, including professional recommendations and so on. The consultation session is the time for you to ask all your questions and share any information we should know and consider prior to treatment, such as your anxiety level and past bad dental experiences. A relevant and friendly consultation can often do wonders to your attitude towards treatment. It can enlighten you about your tooth’s real situation, dispel any previous misconceptions you may have about the experience of having a root canal treatment and greatly improve your willingness to sit for treatment.


We make it a point to use all our available knowledge and any advanced anesthetics and techniques, to help you achieve a positive treatment experience. After a consultation, most patients are happy to sit for treatment with simply music in the background or while watching a movie using a pair of DVD glasses. For some, however, there is a greater fear of the root canal treatment experience, often a result of their dental history or previous conceptions about what treatment will be like. We find about these during consultation and then make sure to tailor the treatment environment specifically to what will work best for you. In some cases Dr. Adi Moran might be assisted by his Nurse to collaborate and help alleviate your fears. Other patients may prefer the use of laughing gas, oral or even IV sedation (with an anesthesiologist present). The vast majority of root canal treatments and root canal re-treatments are completed in either a single or a double session. In some unique cases, especially those related to a recent dental trauma or a previous accident to your teeth, different time frames may apply.

After treatment

Once your treatment is over, you will receive a set of post-treatment instructions. In some cases you may receive non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or alternative type of medication, as needed. Most cases do not require you to take antibiotics. You will only get these when truly indicated. Dr. Adi Moran gives all of his patients his own mobile number and advises them to contact him 24/7 in case of emergency. Please note: after the completion of any root canal treatment, you must have a permanent restoration placed on top of the treated tooth (This for example may come in the form of a filling, a crown, an onlay or inlay). Not having this done in a timely manner greatly jeopardies the root canal treatment and your tooth. We will always refer you back to your own dentist for any restoration work, and will supply a full report for them to get up to date on the treatment and our recommendations.


Each case has its own estimated ‘success rate’ as defined by the vast ‘outcomes’ research we have in the field of Endodontics. You are advised of your own case’s estimated success rate during the consultation phase. While in general, success rates in high quality Endodontics treatments are very high, they are not 100% fail proof guaranteed. To make sure every case is taken care of, all the way through to a full recovery, we may schedule a follow up review appointment. Most reviews occur 12 months post treatment, but the specific time frame may vary depending on your unique case. Reviews are taken to follow up on your healing process. They are free of charge. We will report back to your dentist after seeing you for a review.